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Project Description
The Productivity Hub 2010 is a customizable, on-premise training solution for technology products. Developed by RedTech for Microsoft, the Productivity Hub is based on SharePoint 2010. Code for the Productivity Hub's Sliverlight components and other add-ons can be found here.

The Productivity Hub can help improve information worker productivity by giving users the answers they need quickly. The site delivers an engaging user experience by offering rich, task-based training content, how-to videos, learning roadmaps, forums, and more.

By incorporating a professional user interface design, Silverlight web parts, and using native SharePoint features such as dataviews ratings, and keyword tags, the Productivity Hub solution illustrates just a few of the many capabilities of SharePoint Server 2010. Additionally, the site can be customized to reflect your company's branding or other unique training requirements.


To download the Microsoft Productivity Hub 2010 and related training content packs, please visit the Microsoft download center at

For more information about RedTech, visit or

Looking for the 2013 version? See below:
As curators of the 2010 version, we are not aware of any plans by Microsoft to develop a SharePoint 2013 version of the Productivity Hub. While we would welcome a 2013 version, that initiative requires sponsorship from Microsoft as they own the rights to the solution and its associated content.

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